Go Back In Time currency limit error after issuing new country-specific card

they say they’re working on it :slight_smile: i have this information from two different sources, and i want to believe

“I’ve just checked this with our engineers and they’re progressing with the work needed to solve the issue” - says one source, “although I can’t confirm a timeframe for a fix at the moment, I did get a positive response from my nudging this week” - says another

i’m sure this issue hurts curve support as well, because they need to do a lot of manual gbit transactions. this is not optimal

@Hannah do you have any new updates on this?

Hi guys! I completely understand your concern over this issue, it’s taking a little longer than we thought it would.

I’ve just checked with our engineers again and can confirm that they are currently working on this fix. However, I still can’t confirm a timeframe. I’ll let you know as soon as I have any other info!

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i’m waiting for this fix since october last year. “little longer” is 6 weeks not 6 months for me :slight_smile:

please, this should be a very high priority fix now, i hope national bin cards will work as they should in april

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Same problem here, I just have to say that I think this is a pretty pathetic mistake from Curve, its like their programmers did not know that 5000 in an other currency does not equal in value with 5000 gbp

Also you can think of it as false advertising, im sure there are people who upgrade their cards so they can revert their transactions made on other cards for higher cashback %, and they just can’t do that

I have asked my black subscription to be reverted back to standard due to the GBIT issues and they paid me back the remainder of the month’s fee. So You do not need to wait till the end of the month.

Almost 2 more months have passed without any results. I hope, that crowdfunding will allow Curve to hire some competent product managers and developers. Potentially someone who has an idea how to build customer service as well. Working in customer service for 12+ years I know that negative customer voice is hard to take, but honestly, what Curve is doing (rather not doing) around the limit page error and the GBiT feature is pathetic.

complaints department promised me it will be fixed in june. if for whatever reason not, they’ll provide me an update.

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The trouble is, is that the people doing this work are not customer facing, nor is Curve suffering any particular financial loss for this. You can be sure that, if they were, this issue would have been addressed quickly

I highly doubt it would take this long to do a simple currency conversion. More likely it’s in the backlog but has low priority.

I have a Curve Card in DKK - The GBT function will not accept GBT transactions larger than DKK 5000. It is annoying that the amount does not equal GBP 5000 as on my original card in GBP!
When will this bug be cleared?

i’m getting very angry. they promised it will be fixed in june. but the priority of this bug? engineering lead of this work was out of office last week… ridiculous. @Hannah please check the status of this fix, i cannot accept more delays

But this is not acceptyable. My DKK based card was issued in april. Now I know they knew the currency problems. When I recived the limits was also not changed - So daily limit was reached nearly at the grocery. The latter Curve corrected instantly - but first when I told them about the problem. I think that we are dealing with an organisation that do NOT have the right checks “check sums in place”

in april? you’re “lucky”, i’m waiting for this fix since last october :slight_smile:

They have been busy collecting more money from investors and pleasing big markets. Who cares about countries outside of the Euro zone? In the meantime they are gladly accepting my monthly subscription fee :smiley:

curve, seriously…

Having spoken to Engineering Team there have been unexpected delays in the progress of this fix. We are currently discussing this with them in order to stress the impact this issue is having on customers, in the hope that we are able to further boost the priority of this issue.

I completely understand that this news will be frustrating. Please be assured that we are doing all we can do to ensure a resolution is provided as soon as possible.

As always, thanks for you ongoing patience with this.

My point is that they should have let me keep the GBP based card instead - That worked! Instead they issue me a “half done project”. In finance companies such a Compliance “blip” is very serious.
I am happy about my curve card but one of the features that make me stick to them (curve) is the GBIT feature.

i agree. if they cannot or don’t want to fix it, they have to give back uk bin cards

GBP bin is no solution - for example some czech shop not accepting UK bins, in physical stores it is needed to be careful to reject DCC (Dynamic currency conversion), local bin is very much better, only I do not understand , why fix for go back in time take so long time…

i had absoluely no problems with my previous uk bin here in hungary. ok, you need to be careful with dcc, but uk curve is accepted everywhere, my wife still uses it without issues