Go back in time - different period for each plan

Why not differentiate go back in time period depending on the plan you use? Eg. 30/60/90 for standard/black/metal?

Upvoted - I quite like the 90 day period at the moment!


Upvoted, completly agree

Feels like a very simple way to provide more value to the paid plans. Voted.

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I like this idea. Voted!

Great idea. This can be good reason why switch to paid plan, voted

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Completly agree with this possibility.

Me and a lot of my friends would defenetivly upgrade their plans


Looks like your idea is about to go live. :+1:t2:

So the metal plan has gone from 30 days to 120 days for GBIT?

Good news!!

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@Curve_Joel I see the new tiers offers the opportunity too go back in time for a longer period (60, 90, 120 days).

If I upgrade, is this ability retrospective? In other words, if I upgraded today would I then be able to go back in time with a May transaction which I cannot currently as it is out of time?

Looks like it’s retrospectively:

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I can confirm that it works retrospectively.

Thanks both. On this basis I upgraded, but it still says 30 days for me.

How do I get it to change?!

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Maybe you can try to reinstall the app. There was an issue has just been resolved.

Thank you. Deleting and reinstalling worked :relaxed: