Go back in time doesn't work

i tried to go back in time with some transactions, all failed. hungary, erste bank. seems to be an authorization issue, anybody else with this? i’ve never seen this message


I had the same message a couple of months ago when I tried to do a GBiT on a transaction I made at an unmanned petrol station with my Curve card. I contacted Curve support and had them move the transaction ‘manually’ from the original card to the new card. Original card was Dutch Creditcard, new card was MCO Visa card.

It looks like Erste hungary simply banned curve since yesterday. They stating this because of the missing 2 factor authentication with each purchase. I have only problems with Erste cards, all other (transferwise, gránit bank, vivid) works well under curve.


I have the same issue, too. I cannot use either of my Erste cards from curve, they even sent an email stating that the solution to this problem is to “use your erste card directly”. This is simply infuriating…

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Hey guys, our team are currently looking into this issue with Erste Bank. I’ll keep you updated as soon as I know more!


thank you!