Go Back in Time - Double Charge

I have used the GBT function several times - Now I have noticed that 3 post only were drawn on the card where it should go to, BUT the card were it should be credited is still drawn on.

I have mailed support and eagerly awaiting a solution!

Yeah, same thing happening to me with two charges. I would advise anyone thinking about using GBT feature to hold off on it.

I hope that they well correct quickly - Since it is not thrustworthy that they charge on the one side and do not credit on the other - Then the books does not add up for curve, why are they not correcting themselves - I have waited more days in order to see if it would correct it selves.


If you use the GBit function, Curve will first charge the newly selected card with the amount; if the charge was successful, Curve will reimburse the charge from the first card.
Refunds may take a few days. Depends on the card network and the issuing bank.

Not that simple All GBT´s one same date were charged - But not all credited, not even after prolonged wait! - Simply Missing! (All transactions between same cards).

I am somewhat puzzled of the duration - Thet should have some sum and balancechecks on a daily basis?

Exactly. That’s what happened to me. They did correct everything now. Still, it’s weird that you have to check and double check since you start to not trust curve due to this…

Mine 3 are all setteled corretly now ! I made one GBT 2 says ago which cleard well in both sides.

On 18th and 19th of August I used GBiT for 26 transactions which I wanted to move between 2 of my Visa credit cards. Out of the 26, 7 transactions have not been reverted until now on my original card. For 8 days I’m struggling to get a reply from support in regards to this issue, however there’s no reply back. Anyone faced this before? Very annoying to get this unresolved for over 2 weeks now.

Same thing I expierenced - But now boths transactions have cleared! But Customer service on this issue was VERY slow

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