Go Back in Time fail - Card in different currency error

Issue: Go Back in Time fails when trying to move a EUR transaction to a GBP card

How to reproduce it: Use Curve card to pay for a EUR transaction (with a GBP card). Then try and Go Back in Time to another GBP card

OS: iOS 13.2.3

Device: iPhone 11 Pro

App version: 3.6.20 (13709)


Note: There’s another thread with a similar issue, however Curve Support has confirmed my transaction is eligible for Go back in time, and suggested re-installing the app (which didn’t help).

Link to other thread: Currently can’t ‘Go Back in Time’ on Foreign currency transaction - Help - Curve Community

Had similar issues, too, had to wait a could more days because the funds were not captured from the merchant yet

Thanks Lucas - I’ll wait and see. It doesn’t show as a pending transaction but could just be an app bug.

I’ll update the thread once I know more


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