Go Back In Time from temporarily 90 days back to 30 days time period

Why not differentiate GBiT period depending on the plan you use? Eg. 30/60/90 for standard/Black/ metal? For me it’s one of the most important features of Curve, and I’m seriously irritated by the planned change (even though it’s been announced well in advance).


That’s a really good idea, @mcienk - would be a nice clear benefit for those paying for higher tiers. @Curve_Joel not sure if that’s been considered as an option?

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i don’t think this decision will be popular. 90 days period is working very well, this really feels like a step back. a personal note: i had to fight for a very long time for a working gbit, and now this… :frowning: very unfortunate

somebody from curve should explain why they need to do it


Great idea!!! You can do the post on #ideas

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This would be a great idea @Bella @Social_Adam

For those that are interested in this idea, @mcienk has created a topic in the Ideas category too… :+1: Go back on time - different period for each plan

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curve doesn’t seem to be too interested in these community ideas…

best would be to keep the 90 days window. btw question is still on: how the change will be implemented?


You’re now cutting back the time to 30 days, taking effect from 6th November.
This is the feature I am going to miss the most.

Go Back in Time™
At the start of the pandemic we increased the length of the period in which you could Go Back in Time. As of 6 September we are changing the time period to 30 days. The maximum amount you can switch will still remain at £5,000.

That’s the part that has hurt me the most in the new terms W.E.F 6th September

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The time period should have been kept to 90 days. Not sure why it’s been reduced?


Vote for it here Go back on time - different period for each plan - Ideas - Curve Community


I hear it is now going to change from 90 to 30 days in September.

It is, there’s an idea link I posted right before your post. Upvoting it may help :grin:

It’s rather unfortunate that in September it will be changed to 30 days. GBiT with 90 days was very comfortable.

Hey everyone! I’ll have to come back to this thread tomorrow with some more info on why we had to make this change, how it will apply in September and whether there has been any talk of offering 90 days for premium tier customers.

Will need to ask around a few different teams who’ll be back in on Monday, then I’ll let you all know :slight_smile:


Thanks Adam, fyi: Go back in time - different period for each plan little more data Curve can use for the final decision.

TBH 30 days to switch cards should be long enough

If the timing is right. :grinning:

@Social_Adam is everybody out of office this week? :slight_smile:

yeah… gbit is not only about “switching cards”, it is as much about optimising rewards :slight_smile:

come on, still no info???