Go Back In Time from temporarily 90 days back to 30 days time period

@Social_Adam is everybody out of office this week? :slight_smile:

yeah… gbit is not only about “switching cards”, it is as much about optimising rewards :slight_smile:

come on, still no info???

@Social_Adam please share some information with us about the switch! i really should know how you will implement the new time period, what will happen with the transactions from the current 90 days window? i really don’t want to “lose” them… best would be to keep all transactions in the 90 days window completed before 6th of september - if technically possible. my problem is that the announcement was 60 days before introduction, legally absolutely ok, but as the window is 90 days long now, i’ve also planned my finances 90 days in advance. for instance we’re on holiday now, so i have a lot of new transactions and i will lose all of them if the new 30 days window will be applied to all transactions in the app


@Social_Keira why curve is silent about this? i don’t really understand, really

soooo… all transactions before 7 august will be lost (=will be unable to gbit). great… (not)

All transactions you’ve made using your Curve Card before or after September 6th, have a 30 day window to be moved to a different card.

Hey, it’s true that transactions before the 7th August 2021 will not be able to be GBIT, we’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

At the start of the pandemic, we increased the length of the period in which you could Go Back in Time to 90 days as we realised that this might benefit people who had lost work/income. As of 6 September we are changing the time period back to the original 30 days as the world somewhat goes back to normal.

There’s no talk of offering and extended GBIT for premium customers, but we welcome the suggestion - it has been raised in our customer feedback channel internally.

we already know the pr wording about the pandemic :slight_smile:

pandemic or not, go back in time with a 90 days window is one of curve’s most popular features right now. i still don’t really understand why do you need to make curve worse - because yeah, shortened gbit window causes some inconvenience. we all know it was 14 then 30 days originally, but it worked the best with 90 days, your users loved it, so imho you should have kept it

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Was there an e-mail about this change? Just found out the hard way…

Yes, there was, I received the e-mail on the 8th of July. There were multiple changes to the Curve terms in it, the GBiT change was as follows:

Strange, I tend not delete anything from Curve, and I can’t find that e-mail.

In any case, a major change to one of the most important features deserved to be communicated more than once. I see 3 separate e-mails with the subject “we’re changing the way you log in”, for example. If there was just one e-mail 2 months ahead of the change of GBiT term, that’s not good enough. Why no in-app message or sms?


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