Go back in time GBiT

GBiT is not working for me at all. Nor is contact support in the app. Hence this post. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and have the same problem still. Any ideas?

Hi @jin003

When you say support isn’t working for you, have they responded?

Sorry I meant clicking support in the app doesn’t do anything. So I cannot raise a help ticket as I’ve done in the past when I’ve has problems.

Just tried GBiT from card A to card B and it work fine. Yet trying the other way I get a message saying the transaction is not allowed. The transaction is with the 14 day window, less than £100 and I’ve successfully GBiT in the past in both direction

Have you emailed support@curve.app?

I hadn’t realised you could to do that. I’ll do so now. Thank you.

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Yep, in-app messaging quite buggy so much more reliable to just email! :slight_smile: