Go back in time - list/grid view

The new list view for cards is great (though still inferior to the old grid), and it would be awesome if GBiT could use the list view to select cards instead of the side scrolling list.

The current implementation is a pain to scroll through, and I don’t see any way in which it’s better than the list…

Agreed - It’s a pain to swipe through the cards when even something like a list view would work much better.

Gets my vote!


For my money, if we don’t get the grid view back, I’d plump for swiping. Invoking the list view requires a tap anyway so I can’t see its benefit.

On Android invoking the grid also required a tap, not sure what it was like on iOS. But if you have a lot of cards, I still find it way faster to find the one you want when there’s more than one card on the screen at a time, even with the extra tap. Plus the swipe version on Android only allows you to move across one card at a time - you can’t flick to swipe through several cards, so it’s extremely slow.

What I would suggest though, is that when you select go back in time, you are just given the list/grid view. No extra tap required. I don’t see a reason personally to have the carousel there at all to select a card.


Grid view it is then :grin::+1: