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So I am moving some actual purchases from one card to another credit card through the app. Will the MCC be reflected in the new transactions? Basically, I want to avoid them being treated as cash advances from my credit card.

I have searched the forum. It seems if this is done manually via customer service, they will most likely be counted as “money transfer”. What is not so clear is what would happen if it’s done via the app.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Yes, it will be the same.

If you have a VISA underlying card, all transactions made with Curve will be seen as cash transfer due to changes done by VISA. However, upon settling the transactions they should appear as before or as for MC cards: Crv*(seller-name).
There are some banks that don’t do this at settling and for those all Curve transactions are seen as VISA Direct money transfer.

That’s not the case. I have three VISA cards in Curve, and I’m not experiencing the mentioned issue for either of them. It’s the bank which can handle Curve transactions incorrectly, not VISA.

The case is some banks have updated tho newest handling and some did not . I have at least 2 cards from different banks that behave in this way, so those banks did not update for latest VISA changes.
More info in this thread: Curve Transactions showing incorrectly on Bank Statement

What handling are you talking about?

Some banks simply started to ignore the MCCs and handle every CRV* prefixed transaction as cash transfer.

It has to do with Curve AND Visa, the banks are not treating transactions made by Curve differently just because it’s Curve: in fact some banks change the name of the transactions after settling, if they wanted to treat Curve differently then they should have left the money transfer name even after settling.
This issue has not been reported by mastercard users. Only Visa users with some banks using Visa. Including Plutus which is a Curve partner and encourages the use of Curve so it would not make sense to want to treat Curve that way, but it’s just how it is. Something with Curve and Visa and the way they communicate their transactions with some banks is broken, there’s no denying. Otherwise these banks should have the same issues with transactions from PayPal to their Visa cards, for instance, but they don’t.

Anyway this is off topic, the same MCC is passed when you do GBiT through the app, as you have already been told.

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Thanks everyone. Both cards are mastercards. It does look like the same MCC is passed and has been treated as purchases. :slight_smile:

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Thx for also chiming in on this topic and confirming the VISA/Curve disconnect.
The reason I mentioned this issue at all was to notify OP that he might encounter some unexpected treatment or fees if he has VISA cards, as I do for 2 of my bank cards. Plus Plutus card as you mentioned.

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