Go Back In Time Not Working

Is anyone else able to access GBIT right now? For every single transaction, my app says “Failed to receive Go Back in Time card switch options”. Any suggestions?


Same problem for me, for at least the last 12 hours

Yep, having the same problem since last night.

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I got through to customer support just now, they confirmed this is a known issue. No ETA on a fix, but said they are actively working on it.

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Welcome to Curve US, where bugs are never fixed. I wouldn’t expect a fix for at least 3 months.

There are still bugs I reported back in March that are still not fixed.

Curve US and Curve in general have no direction. Their priorities aren’t inline with what customers want (a functioning product that we can add all of our cards to). Half the time the product doesn’t even work as advertised. They would much rather build you crypto features that no one asked for before fixing bugs.

Just checked today and Go Back In Time is finally working again.

Is Curve a joke?


Unfortunately your experiencing what we have in Europe for a long time.