Go back in time (pre wirecard)

Is the plan to reintroduce go back in time for prewirecard transactions?

Is this prevented by technology?


I’d like to know this too. I have three transactions at the end of June that I was expecting to be able to use GBIT with, but now cannot. I’ve been able to with some of the more recent transactions, but not all of them

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It was pretty clear the answer is no:

When we moved away from WireCard on 26 June, we had to rebuild GBiT. Rebuilding meant restarting, so GBiT is technically just 11 days old now. You can still GBiT for up to 90 days, we haven’t changed that – it just has to age a bit :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m absolutely fuming about this. I’ve been patiently waiting to move GBIT transactions and now some breezy “We’ve fixed this” statement when they’ve clearly left customers in the lurch. They need to remedy this and do it manually if need be. Curve has really let me down on this one.


I cant see why curve cant charge a new card and credit the other one on the new system… obviously some data is lost. But its a needed process


How long does it usually take for the GbiT transaction to be credited back to the original card once you move it?

I’m wondering why they make a false statement? They haven’t fixed the feature at all, they ought to reenable the feature for the previous transactions.
Users have no fault at them choosing not to move away from Wirecard at an earlier date, specially when this was suspected earlier.

This is usually immediate. Then it depends for how long the underlying card bank will take to process the refund!

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OK thanks. The new card I’ve chosen for the payment has been debited, but I’ve yet to see the credit on the original card. Still waiting 2-3 days later.

Somehow I have the impression that this will be ignored in pure Curve fashion ™


In my opinion I think it makes sense that they’re unable to offer GBIT for old transactions. These transactions were made through Wirecard, and since Curve have now cut their links with them (and so have many other companies) they can’t really modify those transactions in anyway. Modifying these would require operations to occur via Wirecard, which isn’t possible anymore.

The refunds for these make sense, I assume Wirecard had to send all the refunds over to Curve directly, and then Curve deposited these into each customers Curve Cash accounts.

But if you have a transaction for £50 on a wirecard card. Why can’t you refund it on one card and then charge a different card using the new system?

Because Curve is no longer ‘connected’ to Wirecard, so any transactions that went through them previously (as they used to process Curve transactions as far as I understand) can’t be modified in anyway. Refunds are a special case and I suspect if anyone requested refunds for pre-wirecard transactions, they wouldn’t be instant.

I don’t really care how they do it or what the mechanics are – they repeatedly said for the last 2 weeks that this was going to be ‘fixed’ with no mention that they weren’t going to be able to GBiT pre-Wirecard-fiasco transactions. The breezy fixed posting Friday thoughtlessly made no mention of this either.



When will you refund me?

When using Go Back in Time, your bank statement can often be a little bit slower to update. You should see the refund appear on your original payment card statement within 1-5 working days.

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Predictable disgraceful silence from Curve who continue to treat customers with contempt.


Does anybody know anything about GBiT possibility for transaction before 29.6.2020? I have asked support, their first reply was, that it will be possible, but after that only silence, no other reply to my question when can I expect this possibility…

Probably only possible after 90 days in which it will be too late

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Fully agree, I am just hoping we’ll see the light to an alternative that at least cares about its customers.
What goes around comes back around.

I noticed the new GBIT isn’t quite as smooth as the old one. Before if I did a GBIT just after making a purchase it would essentially just cancel out the preauth on my first card and the charge would only post to my second card.

Now the charge and refund post to the first card regardless and the charge posts to the second. As if I had done the GBIT days later after the transaction had settled.

I know this isn’t a big deal and the end result is the same. Just felt the process was a bit cleaner before.

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