Go Back In Time with lots of refunds and temporary holds

I use GBIT once a month when I get paid to move a load of transactions at once from my credit card to Plutus for the rewards and to pay off the credit card.

I have a Curve Metal card so should be able to go back 120 days but the problem is, I have so many refunds, temporary charges and a few declines over that 120 day period that I cannot GBIT any more.

The Curve App limits me to viewing the last 50 transactions, I have GBIT’d as much as I could over the last 3 month period and each time older transactions have appeared in the list to replace the GBIT’d one. However, now that the list of 50 are all refunds and temporary charges, I can GBIT no more.

Does anyone know how I can access/view and GBIT older transactions outside of the list of 50 shown?

On a related note, it would be really great to be able to select and GBIT multiple transactions at once.

Not too sure how to see more than the 50 but maybe now is a time to reflect on your financial situation instead of reverting to borrowing each month.

I do the same every month and I don’t have financial issues.
The fact is that I don’t trust having too much money in Plutus, and having to top up on every single transaction I have to do would be very annoying.

Since I have a credit card that gives me 45 days with no interest, I use it the whole month and then at the end of the month, I transfer the expenses in batches with GBIT to Plutus.

I don’t get what you mean by “The Curve App limits me to viewing the last 50 transactions”

I can see all of my 5000+ transactions in the app, and I can do GBIT for any of them within the last 120 days.

I totally agree re being able to select and GBIT multiple transactions at once. That would be a god send.
I’d pay double the metal subscription fee just to have this feature.

I spend at least an hour a month doing GBIT for every single transaction.

You can only see the past 50 transactions in the card history, but if you open “My Money” tab, you can see all the transactions.

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