Go Sardinia User Group

Our very own @andream16 has founded Go Sardinia User Group and is co-organising meetups for Golang Programmers :clap: :smiley:

At the first meetup he talked about how Curve organises, builds and tests microservices.

Congratulations on a successful event Andrea! We’re looking forward to the future meetups :blush: Will we see any community members there?



Was it recorded?

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Hey @Lew, unfortunately no! Will do next time!

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Thanks for the shoutout @Curve_Marie. I invite everyone interested to join the group on meetup! I’ll share two decks, one is from my presentation. Link github.com/andream16/go-sardinia-user-group.

I’ll be happy to answer to some questions!

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Nice to see another Sardinian doing something great, cheers!!! :beers:


Ooh this is very interesting :slight_smile:

I did some reading on Go but I’ve never really understood microservice architecture (the part of connecting different services together and deploying them to work with each other at the same time - but decoupled)

Will definitely have to take a look at these PDF’s to see if there’s anything inside