Go VIP with Curve Metal

Hi, I received this offer by e-mail, so I want to ask:


1.) Is there a trial period after which I would not pay a fee of 10 or 15 Euros / month?

2.) If I opt for one of these subscriptions, can I set a one-time annual fee, not a monthly one?

3.) Is it possible to arrange to obtain a card from a country supported by Samsung pay?


I can’t open your link and I didn’t receive the mail. So not sure about 1 and 2. Answer on question 3 would be a No. You will receive a Metal Curve Card with the country specific BIN of the country you are living in.

Here is a screenshot.

Looks like the standard Metal offer. If that is indeed the case…

  1. There is no (free) trial period
  2. Yes, €/£14.99 a month or €/£150 a year