Going Back in Time Disappointment

Sadly yet another disappointment from Curve : GBIT which also collapses with everything else has been rebuilt but (Curve has confirmed this) will only apply from the date it was operational again. As Curve did not issue a general warning about the potential Wire related problems it has simply said that GBIT is being rebuilt and did not provide the important detail above. I had to specifically ask the question. Also if refunds can be retrieved from before the system collapse why not GBIT transactions? As one of the original and enthusiastic Black card holders I see few pluses and more minuses in the Curve recent approach, what they offer and what they deliver… I’m still hanging on but…

Yeah. I’m pretty unimpressed with Curve saying GBiT was being rebuilt with ZERO mention that it wouldn’t be applicable to Wirecard transactions. It was really misleading to start and then onlyfollowed up by a breezy “all fixed” statement when they had to have known it was going to a huge inconvenience to some customers. Contacting customer service has taken ridiculously long to reply and been less than sympathetic. The customer service on this has been pretty pathetic.

Maybe they did not know what was going to be possible… or not.

It’s just worth mentioning that when they did know (when they finished rebuilding it) they still didn’t mention it. But then that is exactly the way they handled the whole Wirecard problem…

Then they should have addressed it instead of the ‘all fixed’ instead of just dusting it under the carpet. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that there’s customers like me that were going to be inconvenienced.

Rather than warning people in advance as they could have done when they knew there was a problem with Wirecard (and there was talk about it on the forum) instead of taking the prudent approach they chose the optimistic (PR presentation) way: it won’t go wrong and if it does we’ll fix it… I do understand that they could not predict all the problems with Wirecard (and consequences) but they should have warned all cardholders of potential problems. As the Wirecard problem was quite clear they didn’t say “, forget about using your Curve card” instead they said “you should carry an additional card”… That is all PR… And I’m still not convinced that GBIT could not be rebuilt back to the date when it collapsed… I’m sorry but I think that was just a decision to avoid too much effort… But what do I know? Only that I don’t trust Curve anymore.


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