Going back in time to your same card?

So, I made a transaction on Curve but forgot to change the card currency beforehand, so I got hit with the weekend f/X surcharge.

Is there any way of going back in time to the same card but with a different currency setting so to avoid Curve doing the f/X element instead of having the underlying card do it?

Not on your own. Pretty certain Curve support would be able to do this, question is if they are willing to.

I can only think of one way of doing something similar to what you are asking. Asuming, you would be talking about Revolut, then you would be able to go back in time for example from a physical underlying Revolut card (with the wrong setting) to a virtual underlying Revolut card (with correct setting).

I don’t think so, specially because you cannot go back in time to a card on different currency. So even if you could change the currency of the card, then original and new cards would have different currency and hence, GBIT doesn’t work

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Actually in certain cases you can:


good to know, I wasn’t aware of these cases

And selling and buying price on currency is not the same

Not quite what I looking for but thanks :slight_smile:

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