Going back in time with Fronted?

Reached my 10k Fronted limit this month.
I understand that fronted only works for credit cards and using a debit card will simply work without any fronted fees.
Am I able to use my normal debit card this month and go back in time next month on a credit card?


Hey @AlexKLMan, you can use Go Back In Time for this as you’ve said! Just as a heads up, once you’ve GBiTed the transaction, it will count towards your limit for next month.

Could you clarify this for me please? So in June I accidentally go over my curve fronted limit. If I GBIT to a debit card for the offending transaction will the fee be refunded? Then I can start July with a new £10k limit?

That’s correct.

I shouldn’t have been charged the fee
Has an incorrect fee been applied to your payment? You can have it refunded by using the ‘Go Back in Time’ feature to move the payment to an underlying debit card.

Also correct.

Just to follow up on this, if I GBiT from credit to debit card, does this re-calculate my current monthly £10k limit?

So for January, I spent £5k, £1k, £5k Fronted (I didn’t realise the £1k would be classified as Fronted), so was charged £15 fee on my last £5k transaction.

So I’ll GBiT to debit card my last £5k transaction and get the fee refunded - great.

Does that mean I then have £4k left of my monthly limit to use?