Goodbye, Curve 👋

After nearly two years of using Curve, yesterday was the final straw for me.

I made a post a month or two ago about how the customer service was unresponsive (3 months later the other day, I finally got a reply). This was pretty frustrating, but I was willing to just deal with it and not do much on Curve that would require me to contact them in the future.

However, yesterday I attempted to cancel my Samsung Pay Premium benefits, and instead of letting me just cancel my benefits autonomously, guess where I was redirected to? The unresponsive chat service that takes several months to reply… Why?

To me, this just stinks. It stinks of dirty tactics to make it as hard as possible to cancel your subscription so that the money still rolls in.

So guess what I did to avoid any unwanted fees? I’ve deleted every single card from my Curve, set my main card as a dud card from a fintech which I’ve frozen, and just to make extra sure this doesn’t happen again, I will never use Curve again.

It’s a shame it’s had to come to this, because Curve has so much potential. But I can’t use a service that I no longer trust.