Goodbye everyone!

Hi All,

I’ve taken the decision to remove Curve completely. I am tired to putting in 110% into a product that has begun to ignore its customers. I’ve had nothing but trouble between me and my wife who solely (up until 3 months ago) used Curve for every day spending, which was around £2k a month (if not more at times). Unfortunately this whole tier change has become frustrating, on-top of what is the most shambolic customer services I’ve had to deal with when trying to ‘manage all my money’. I appreciate we all have teething problems, but 2+ years on and nothings changed, it’s only gotten worse. The final straw for me is Curve blocking my account last week and then still taking forever to respond (like they asked me to do). But given I now see Curve no longer fit for purpose 4 years on, I feel it would be easier to switch back to using my straight up underlying cards/banks (via ApplePay) for every day spending.

I’ve invested so much time into this product over the years, stuck it out during tough times, times when things haven’t gone right, times when I’ve been left red faced at the till etc. I’ve tried to twist the arms of so many to join, of which even those have been completely embarrassing at the same time with failed rewards and the likes.

I LOVED what it was about when I first signed up and I am sad to see what it has now turned into, but it is what it is.

I’ve made some great connections through this forum over the years and I wish you all the best for you and your families and the future. I’ll keep my forum account live as you can never say never…

All the best,


I’m starting to get to the same position and specifically created my account to voice this concern that I am getting no replies to any customer service requests.

Where is customer support?!?!?!?!?


All the best OP.

To be honest I am thinking of doing the same. Customer service is as you say shambolic and has been for several years with no sign of Curve getting ontop of it. They have a total disregard for their customers. Curve is brilliant until you need to contact customer service. Then the frustration in trying try get hold of them begins.
I am going to go back and use my underlying cards the way they are originally intended to be used and save myself £14.99 a month.

What an I getting for my money? Nothing but frustration. So it’s better in my pocket.


Only thing keeping me from quitting right now is laziness because I will have to change my card details on so many places… I don’t really know what I am paying for nowadays… GBIT is a neat function, but the insurances is crap, and loungekey isn’t that discounted…


Hey @JoshuaBoots, I’m truly sorry to see you go and you’ll be missed here on the Community.

I hope Curve can win you back over in the future and that we’ll see you on the Community again then. All the best to you in the meantime.


I do wish you luck Joel, Curve have been disconnected from their community + retail investors for a while with a lack of any meaningful updates or information. I remain optimistic. I hope you see where we come from!


Hi @dyl, I completely understand the perspective of every user that comes to the Community with a feeling of frustration. This has been a tough year for most individuals and businesses alike and the impact on Curve has unfortunately been felt by our users more than we’d have liked for it to.

I continue to view the Community as a platform for honesty, transparency and customer advocacy and will continue working to improve how these principles are demonstrated.


Thanks Joel and apologies to have to break away. Please let me know when you are due down to Lewes though, grab that beer!

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Good luck buddy
You’ll be missed

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As a user and investor, It is really disappointing hearing all the negative feedback, I feel for everyone with issues struggling to get help, it is not acceptable, especially when its your MONEY… Maybe Curve need to SLOW down with expansion until they are effectively servicing the customers they already have. But I have to say I have used Curve from the beginning and have always found customer services to be fantastic at sorting my issues, I usually message in-app and get a fast response so can’t understand why so many others are suffering, am I just the lucky one! I am a metal plan customer, don’t know if that makes a difference, it shouldn’t. I really hope they can turn this negative trend around, although I personally don’t think the new free tier system will help there!


With a CEO that tweets this:

You can imagine how important he thinks the oldschool users, investors and Europe is.


Wow. Definitely doesn’t deserve our money then.


Well lets hope he can make OUR dreams come true too!! Especially since its OUR money he is spending! :slight_smile:


I agree with you 100% and I’m also considering the same. It’s just not worth all the hassle, curve should make our lives easier not harder.


OMG so his dream is the States what the actual beep I’ve decided to stay and upgrade to Metal to support the company and I do have 10 cards connected. I find it amusing that he wants the States yet Amex binned Curve. I’m now feeling rather insignificant and I to have not even had replies when needing help but overlooked this due to the expansion. What I mean by that is probably a team of (possibly) 10 customer service agents and 100K + tickets which is simply impossible to keep up with. Curve has been running and unfortunately not staying hydrated and as a result the service is shocking when you need help.
I found Curve flex ok however you don’t get 3 months free like Monzo. Is it really that bad going back to taking your wallet out or is it even necessary to have so many cards in the first place and juggling essentially debt? Maybe it’s not all it’s cracked up to be after all and give up with Curve and sort my own finances out like we all did before Curve. If he’s not bothered about the U.K. and Europe and essentially used us to get into the state’s financial system then it was wrong from the very day he started his company. We are insignificant other than our money we are also by the looks of it a thorn in his side due to complaints.
I have a message for you Shachar Bialick, you should take care of the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. You’ve destroyed what Curve was and this is an assumption but it looks as though you couldn’t care less with your Tweets in particular your customers who got you there not your staff. I’m going to drop Metal and sadly remove Curve too. I wish the community well and guys you can buy a decent wallet on Amazon :+1:t2:


That’s pretty much what I’ve decided. With Apple Pay, you don’t need a wallet anyway.

Except you still do for all the membership cards that can’t be online - but you only need those when you are planning to use them. My wallet leaves the house maybe one in every 40 times I do, and Curve has absolutely no influence on that at all.


I just did the same switched recently to metal when they announce Curve X to support them (free would have been ok for me). Still did not receive my card after 14 days and support answer every 10 days without solving the issue. They just keep saying they are sorry on twitter and they do their best. Well I will also do my best to pay the next subscription then…

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As a USA customer, don’t worry, you guys have it better than us still right now.

Over here we are still waiting for VISA credit card support. Without that, a huge majority of my cards can’t even be added yet.

The support issues and the side effect of not having the benefits from the underlying cards (except for cash back) means I’ll be able to use Curve for everyday purchases, but I’ll avoid it for any large purchase.

I’m still optimistic for the service, but the above issues I’ve described will definitely limit the amount of usage Curve gets in its current state.


The USA will love the current level of Curve customer support for sure, LOL.


Hi, thank you for your post.

In mt anecdotal reviews, most are thinking the same. It was me who introduced CURVE to my circle. And I saw few of them started using it and liking it. However, with the new update (Curve X and free service with 2 cards) most (read All) of them decided to stay with Apple Pay which dose almost the same job as curve without a facility of physical card!

I might still carry on the curve free 2 cards option as like many my card is attached with many subscriptions but changed to a mobile based bank as my daily driver.

Good luck curve.