Google & Fitbit Pay

I’m in the UK, received my card today, activated but not recognized in Google Pay or Fitbit Pay.

Card starts with 5375 8300, raised support issue, waiting reply.

Great let us know how that goes!

Ah, so it’s not just me then.

I’ve had my Curve card a while, it previously worked with Google Pay (and worked pretty well).

However my phone gave up the ghost and had to get a new one, reactivated my stored cards for contactless which went well on all bar one - Curve. Google Pay recognises it’s a Curve card, but won’t recognise the number so won’t complete the reactivation.

Card starts 5375 9000, support issue raised via the app (I hope - no confirmation email yet, and the request itself has vanished), let’s see how we go.

I also can’t add Curve card to Google Pay. Support don’t help and solve problem.

My card (an old one) also starts 5375 9000 and it works on Google Pay using the phone, but using GPay for any online payment the transaction is declined.

I’ve not bothered to raise it as it’s just as easy to use Curve Card for online payment and GPay is a bit of a bind anyway.


I keep forgetting GPay can be used for online transactions too, but like you say it’s just as easy adding card details to online sites so it’s not a big thing - if it was just online payments I wouldn’t have raised it either.

As it’s using it on the phone though I have raised it, and there’s actually been some movement - hopefully when they respond to my reply there’ll be a bit more.