Google Pay in Italy

When will Curve be available in Google Pay in Italy ?thank you

Its available now in the UK

Yeah, I’m interested in Italy right now and will it be available that was my question

Hey @harleyfatboy, welcome to the Community! Google Pay will be available in Italy and other countries in 2020. We’re woking on it at the moment so hold tight for now!

Ok holding on. Happy New Year

Hey, i am new the the community, i am from Bulgaria and i am very frustrated with not having the option to pay with nice developed nfc apps like Samsung and Google Pay. We are having only two major banks with their own technology integrated in - here is the bad part , their banking apps. Then a few NFC wallets thats work on the principle with loading money and then tap and pay, and also pay for the ability to be able to. So We need the Big Ones to stepp up and show who is the best in business with NFC paymants with Android. As a matter of fact just recently Apple came in and the major banks started to offer it like the coolest thing in the banking world. Anyway i would love to be able to get the most unique functionality Curve could bring to my country now and be able to make any crappy debit card functional in Those big two you already obtained support for the UK.

Anything you can give as as a more personal oriented answer to me why this is still not happening 8 years after the technology started to be available in the States, Bulgaria is still at the point “hhhm cant you pay cash its just few bucks” well no its not your bussines what is my preference to pay for whatever i purchase in a convinient store. And thats the story, bad grammar today i know :slight_smile:

Hey @Portis welcome to the Community! :tada:

We hear you! We’re continuously working on bringing Google Pay/Samsung Pay and NFC enabled wearables support to other countries. It take a bit longer to integrate with each country but just hang in there, we promise it’ll be worth it :wink:

Its nice to hear that you are working to get Google Pay and Samsung Pay support to Curve. But why does it take time and what problems are there with integrating different countries?

Curve worked with Goole Pay and Samsung Payit also outside UK, when the feature was announced. Then, for some reason, it was withdrawn and now it only works in UK.

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Any update on this? Do you have idea when curve will work with Google pay in Italy?

Hey @Jekyll, welcome to the Community! Unfortunately we don’t have any further update right now. Our team are still working on bringing support for Google Pay to all EEA countries as soon as possible.

@RA1 Apologies for missing your post until now! To be completely honest I’m not sure of the exact technical reasons, but it’s related to your cards BIN and each BIN / country has to be worked on to allow support. It takes a little bit longer for some countries but I can assure you that our team are actively working on it.

any news?
Every update is appreciated on this issue!

Hey, welcome to the Community! Unfortunately I don’t have any new update on this. Our team are still working on it though!

Is there news for the arrival of Curve on Google Pay in Italy?

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Hi @fede91it, I updated the Curve app this morning and it showed me the “add it to gpay” icon. I added it on gpay and tried with samsung pay too. It worked with both. Finally it’s available in Italy too :relaxed:. Can’t wait for Samsung pay card by Curve :grimacing:

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Yay!!! Just added!