Google Pay Issue


Is there a major issue with adding Curve to Google Pay?

For the last 3 months I have been unable to add my card to Google Pay.

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue/s

Hello @Sundip.Kainth,

What does Google Pay say when you try to add your card?

Did you try to contact the customer service?


Error message is always can’t complete setup for contactless payment.

Support have just said there is an issue with no timescale for resolution. I can’t be the only one having this issue?

Kind Regards

Hey @Sundip.Kainth, we’re not currently aware of a fix for this issue and I’m sorry to hear you’re one of the users who has been affected by it. I’ll post an update to the Community if our team are able to make a breakthrough on the issue!

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Thank you.

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I am assuming there has been no update to this? Approaching 4 months and all support say is they’re working on a fix.

Hello @Sundip.Kainth,

Have you emailed the customer service team? → //
They can look at your account and see if Google Pay has initiated adding the card.

Try removing your card, then block your Curve card (Curve app → Account → Block/Unblock) for a few minutes (5-10 minutes) and then add it again to Google Pay.


I have emailed many times. Same response.

I will try what you have suggested, thank you


I have tried what you suggested and still the same issue.

Not sure what else to try

Hey @Sundip.Kainth, thanks for checking in again about this issue. Unfortunately, I haven’t had an update from the engineering team on this particular problem yet. I’ll let you know when I do and feel free to keep checking in in the meantime!

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Any updates to this? Seriously considering going back to a standard user rather than metal.

I’m also having this issue. Still waiting for Curve support to fix it after they passed my case to the right team several days ago.

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This has been on going for months for me. No one seems to be telling me if it’s account related, device related, card related etc.

The error is from google play I’m sure


Been in touch with Google Pay and gone through a whole load of steps with them, they have escalated the issue to development and confirmed it is not with Google Pay. Funny thing is I can add by Monzo card successfully and use it, it only occurs with Curve.

I’ve been having the same issue for months. Looks like they have no idea how to fix it…

Agree, I have even sent my phone back to the manufacturer for repair thinking it was my device’s NFC malfunctioning.

@moderators can anyone please supply an update of what is causing the issue. Very frustrating when all you get back, “it’s a deep rooted issue”.

Why is affecting some and not others. Is it my account or card.

We’ve got no access to curve systems, we are users just like you.

I’ll loop in @Curve_Joel to see if he can help

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I’m thinking about tweeting the CEO if he can pull a few strings and find out

Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay not working for tons of users and they can’t even bother to update the forum or get us any insight. How can newer Fintechs ace their digital wallet onboarding, but Curve can’t??