Google Pay Issue

So you could add it to the Mi Band 6, despite not working in Google Pay? That implies it’s not about virtual card numbers, or maybe the Xiaomi system doesn’t use them.

Google Pay used to work fine with my my Mi11, however, something happened in December which has stopped it working. Google advised it’s a card issuer problem and Curve (in my opinion) don’t want to divulge what the actual issue is

I’m happy to report that my Google Pay issues got fixed once I activated the physical card. While the physical card has the same PAN, the expiration date and CVV got updated, which apparently was sufficient for contactless activation.

So, my journey for whoever has similar issues:

  1. Virtual PAN worked fine with GPay contactless initially.
  2. Card stopped working with GPay during ID verification.
  3. Virtual PAN could never be added again, despite working online.
  4. Physical card arrived with same PAN, but different exp. and CVV.
  5. Google Pay was able to contact bank, get to SMS verification now.

Based on my tests on a backup device, my theory is that the token that’s tied to the PAN/device combo, and registered on MasterCard’s servers was bad somehow. The exp./CVV changes probably forced token regeneration, and things finally work again. I still don’t know why this token regeneration couldn’t be done manually. Other banks seem for have a process in place.

But yeah, reissuing the card with updated exp. date and CVV is sufficient to fix things. In my case, I was lucky since card activation happened after the issues started. I assume that any update of the physical or virtual card will clear the issue for other people.


That’s a great explanation and I am glad you managed to sort it. Hopefully mod can forward this to CX and they should be able to resolve sooner.

Thank you

Hey @AndreiM, this is a great bit of detective work and I’m glad you were able to resolve this issue for yourself. :raised_hands:

It’s possible that the issue preventing your card from being added to your device is separate from the issue experienced by Dănuț, @Sundip.Kainth, and won’t be resolved with the same process. Even so, have you attempted the steps laid out above as a possible solution?


I have escalated to Google Pay so awaiting their results. The only thing left for me to try is requesting a new card

I dont get it anymore, i have add my card tot 2 different phones flawless but on my main phone it says problem with wireless payment al other cards are working. Same gpay account Just other phones.

Looks like my phone is blocked or something

Is anyone else affected by this?

I’ve been using Curve for years now without any issues at all. I mostly use it for and with Google Pay.

Google temporarily suspended my account awaiting verification documents. They took a couple of weeks to eventually process this and approve my account.

Once my account got approved again, it removed all my registered cards. However, I’ve never been able to add my Curve card again. However, I can use it for general purchasing using the card directly still.

Once I agree to the issuers’ terms and conditions, it tells me an error occured and please contact your bank. (Screenshot provided)

I’ve contacted Curve support, which have told me that I’m apart of a small group of users that have been affected by this and they’re working on a fix. They’ve told me they cannot provide a timeframe.

I just wanted to know whether anyone else has this issue. I’m worried that a fix will never come.

My curve card works perfectly with Samsung Pay on my watch.

Looks like the same issue with me.

So frustrating.

Same issue, Google have advised the issue is with Curve and not with Google themselves. So, over to Curve to resolve

I found this page by googling my issue. I’m having the exact same problem with my Metal Card. I’ve logged it with the support chat but they don’t reply to it.

I just upgraded to Metal at the start of the month.
If Curve can’t resolve it can Metal be cancelled and the remainder refunded. I paid for a year upfront but I use my phone when paying for everything. I’ve added my other cards to Google Pay and they all work fine.

Strange thing is that I am able to add Curve to Google Pay on a spare device that I am using.

Every so often I get the same issue where I couldn’t add my Curve Card to Google Pay for contactless payment.

As part of a trial theory that you can only add the same card to up-to 4 devices (regardless of make, model and payment platform e.g. Google Pay & ApplePay)

I have encountered a similar issue with my AmEx credit card where I tried to add to multiple device and the latest device cannot be authenticated, after contacting AmEx, they confirm ApplePay and Google Pay use Virtual Token authentication (I believe this was mentioned very early in this forum), you can only have up to 4 active devices at the same time.

I was trying to add my Curve card to Google Pay on Google Pixel 6 Pro just now, it had the error message says: “Cannot complete setup for Contactless Payment”. I then removed my curve card on one of my 4 registered Apple Devices, I then successfully added Curve Card to my Google Pixel 6 Pro.

I’d suggest everyone give this a try as I have seen a lot of user states that they have added their Curve card to multiple devices. This may be the reason why, if you have more than 2 devices that uses the same card, you might as well register only on devices you use the most.

Feel free to reply to this thread if it doesn’t work for you.

Have a great afternoon all. :slight_smile:

Have you registered your Curve Card on multiple devices?
(I tested and had confirmation from another bank issuer that the same bank card can only be created virtually and remain active on up to 4 devices)

I had my Curve active via Apple Pay on Apple iPhone 13 Pro, Apple Watch, MacBook and Google Pay on LG Wing. I can’t add Curve to my Google Pixel 6 Pro, I successfully added it to my Pixel 6 after I deleted curve card from one of my existing active device.

This may be the issue as it’s very easy for us to register it on a lot of devices that have Apple Pay and Google Pay functions.


Something worth to mention to members here maybe you can pin it?

Same card cannot be active on more than 4 devices at the same time, this is not only with Curve Card, but also with other card issuers.
I learned that of only 4 devices can be active with the same card from AmEx and Monzo. Both card issuers confirmed this.

Regardless of the payment platform i.e. ApplePay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. They all count towards the 4 active device allowance apparently.

This could be a very easy fix and it seems a lot of members have multiple devices with Curve Card active.

Hi, thanks for the information.

I only have one device so was only attempting to register on my phone. Saying that, I have ordered a new phone and in the meantime, I have successfully added to Google Pay on my work phone, so, still no idea why, it won’t add to my current phone

I am having same issue with Google Pay/Samsung pay on Samsung S22 Ultra - and also same problem with Curve support - they have not even bothered to acknowledge the problem. And I am with Hulky on the investor part as well!

I am not sure anymore about Curve.

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Totally agree. Maybe end of last year, or a tad earlier, I was getting responses from Curve in the app chat, before the 48 hours it suggests. I have had nothing. Nor from my email.
I think this might be some writing on the wall that maybe I need to think about if I want to be part of.

This is poor show.

I have pretty much given up with Curve, and added my cards separately to apple pay which work fine. I am now thinking about my investment and closing my account with them altogether. Apple pay is one thing, but no customer service, not a single bit of response, that’s the bitter pill to swallow.

I asked Curve about cancelling my card. They told me I’d have to pay €50 for the metal card.
That’s great. They give a product that doesn’t work and when you want your money back they want to charge for the defective product.
I don’t even care about the metal. They should give subscribers an option not to get a metal card. I wanted the card to work on Google Pay so I wouldn’t have to carry any card.

They fobbed me off to Google Pay so I contacted their support. They told me that I should tell Curve that there is no issue with my account and that Curve should “remove the old tokens on the card and issue the new token”.
I would guess that issuing a new card would sort the problem but Curve probably don’t want to do that as it “costs” €50.

Anyway, I sent this detail to Curve and got the message saying
“the relevant team is looking into this issue. We can’t give you an estimate for this right now but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s fixed”.

So, pop it onto an issues list and it’ll be fixed whenever it’s fixed. This is priority support, yeah?

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I am not going to even get started with the support (lack of). It has been shocking to say the least. Paying £15 / month for perks and priority support is definitely not one of the perks. In my opinion, they’re breach of contract and should at least part refund the monthly payment until their support treats paying customers with priority.