Google Pay Issue

I have just sent a tweet to @shacharbialick, let’s see what happens. I’ll hold my breath LOL

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My Google Pay is flaky lately. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t.

I made a payment on Wednesday in Specsavers using GPay and it was fine. Thursday I tried to buy a ticket at TFL machine and twice the payment did not go through. Had to use the Curve card physically and it worked. Then later in the day, GPay worked again at a restaurant. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hey everyone, It seemed unusual to me that you’ve all experienced issues with Google Pay but expressed that they’d affected you so differently so I’ve been looking into this with our CX specialists.

@Malik, you should have a message waiting for you from one of these specialists to address your decline directly.
@Sundip.Kainth, I’m sorry to confirm that your issue is caused by an ongoing and known problem which our team are still working on. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.
@Czar, your decline is not related to any issues with Google Pay and you should also have received an email detailing the next steps to resolve the root issue.
@marco.castiello, you should have received a message from a specialist today to resolve this issue for you. Please let them know if you continue to experience declines.

I hope this has helped and apologies again for the delay!


Thanks for getting back, however, no mention of fix time, I believe over 5 months is long enough?

@Curve_Joel Thanks for looking into it. Support emailed me today to say they have made changes to my account and issue with GPay should be resolved. I personally hadn’t experienced any further GPay declines since then so either got lucky or fix was implemented, happy either way. For me it wasn’t a huge issue as I carry Curve card with me and contactless works on that very reliably (except it has £100 limit).
Definitely appreciate the support proactively getting in touch though!!! :grinning::pray:t3:

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Hi @Curve_Joel my issue with GPay has not been resolved. They said they made some changes into my account so that I could use Garmin Pay. That worked, but I still can’t add the card to Google Pay.

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Hey @Sundip.Kainth, there are some issues that are beyond our immediate control as Curve works with numerous financial processes and systems that we only have partial influence over. In cases such as these, it’s difficult for us to provide a precise timeframe for a solution. Please be assured that our support team have provided you with the most accurate and up to date information on this issue.

Hey @marco.castiello, I’m glad to hear you’ve been able to add your Curve card to your Garmin device but I’m sorry you’re still experiencing issues with adding it to your Google Pay. It’s possible that you’re experiencing the same issue as @Sundip.Kainth. Did the support team confirm that they would be unable to help further with this issue at this time?

@Malik Glad to hear your issue has been covered for you!

I’ll address the main issue of this topic with our payment team again to see if they’ve had a recent breakthrough.

For me, everytime I try to add curve to Google pay, I get the following error: “Can’t complete set up for
contactless payment
To resolve this, you’ll need to contact your
bank. You can still pay with this card on
Google and across other apps and sites”

I can add other cards without a problem, but curve keeps giving me this error.
Any ideia?

This is exactly my issue with Curve since December and 5 months on, still no closer to a resolution