Google pay or Samsung Pay in Romania and Bulgaria

Any time frame bringing GP or SP in Romania or Bulgaria. You are keep saying that Curve is working on this, but when we should expect to happen?

It’s up to Google and/or Samsung at first place.

No, it’s not up to them. Google and Samsung are signing agreements with the banks to use their systems. Since Curve is a card aggregator it’s up to Curve to have an agreement with Samsung or Google for above menrioned counties.

Neither Google Pay or Samsung Pay has launched in the mentioned countries. Until this happens, Curve cannot provide the required support.

As N26 accidentally stated on their GPay page 2 weeks ago the next group of countries Google Pay will launch are

Austria, Greece, Portugal, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and the Netherlands!

This group of countries was almost the same as Apple Pay launch last year!

After many questions N26 deleted these countries from the available countries list.

You can see on the screenshot above.
If you visit the page you will see … “the Denmark”…

After deleting the countries I told you they also deleted the United Kingdom and the “the” was left …

Thanks for the posting, obviously I have to wait couple of years to have the ability to pay with my phone :rage:

You can always apply for a (non Curve) card from an issuer in a supported country, that does not issue country specific cards, but only issues cards with BINs of their base country.

Before my Curve card with UK BIN started to work with GooglePay for me in the Netherlands, the above mentioned ‘method’ is what I used to be able to use GooglePay in a non supported country. The cards that I have on GooglePay have UK, Polish, Spanish or German BIN.

I have a North American debit and credit cards added to GP and SP. The issue is that I am living in a different country now and every time when I want to use my foreign card for NFC payments I am going trough a very expensive exchange rates.

Almost all the cards I have on GooglePay use MasterCard/Visa exchange rate (without mark-up) or even interbank exchange rate.

If that is so important, you can consider to switch to iPhone.

Great consumer approach, Oliverda.
“We do not have gas for your car at the moment, but we do offer diesel. Maybe you should ditch your car and buy a diesel vehicle instead”.

Well, maybe you should start poking Google and Samsung to speed up the launch in Eastern Europe, including Romania and Bulgaria. Those two are about 2 years behind Apple in terms of mobile payment.

I did that already. GP and SP are saying you should contact your bank. My bank is saying you should ask Google and Samsung. Catch 22…

Google and Samsung are lying.

Many people buy their devices abroad - so they can use the feature. I know someone, who has Samsung watch from UK distribution but lives in Poland. Watch supports Samsung Pay. So does Curve, but only for certain BINs. This means, that they can’t add Curve to their Samsung Pay. On the other hand I know another person in similar situation, but with the older card with UK BIN - works a breeze. Can’t just Curve enable all BINs for all mobile wallets they support?

N26 seems ready to launch GPay in some EEA countries. They accidentally added these countries to the GPay list some days before

Yeah, when you look on availability in the wikipedia Google pay page, it’s says upcoming countries : Austria, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands and Portugal. Unfortunately Romania Hungary and Bulgaria are not on the list.

There is one bank that supports google pay in Romania and that is BT , hopefully curve will launch soon or otherwise they’ll loose a market if they lag behind traditional banks too much

I really doubted that BT supports Google pay in Romania. There is nothing on their page indicating that you can use GP. BT offers Garmin and Fitbit pay. There is no official support for Google pay in Romania.