Google pay pin request

I used Curve yesterday with Google pay for a transaction under £30 at Tesco and was asked to enter a pin. How does this work? I thought mobile payments were not required to be part of SCA.
I now have a duplicate transaction on my account and have been debited twice by Curve from my bank account.
I filed a ticket straight away, and haven’t received a response back yet.

Any ideas?

There were discussions in the Apple Pay thread re this, seems to be an issue with how Tesco have their tills configured. I would have thought the duplicate charge would cancel off/be refunded in the coming week anyway.

I’m not convinced on that. Maybe it is an issue that the terminal shouldn’t be asking for a pin when using a mobile contactless payment method, but I don’t see the reason why Curve should be debiting my account twice if one of the transactions was declined. Its not pending, the money has been fully taken. It sounds like buggy payment systems to me, and as a new customer that doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence.

@Curved There’s a bit of an issue with the Tesco systems that is seen quite a lot, the reason the double charge occurs is because Tesco doesn’t communicate a decline, it leaves the transaction open and lets it reverse after 7 days instead.

If you do experience this, you can get in touch with the support team and they can reverse the charge for you more quickly for you.

For the contactless requiring a PIN, that is interesting but it does seem to be Tesco related as it’s happening with different xpay systems.

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As an update, in addition I have received a couple of replies to tickets raised with Curve and feel a lot more reassured with the response.
But, if this is how tesco operate then shouldnt I be seeing this every time contactless is declined with all cards? Which I am not. Only since using the curve card.

I do also have a complaint registered with tesco about this so it will be interesting to see what they say about this.


It’s not quite the same when you’re directly using a bank card - they will ‘hide’ the transaction until it’s actually posted. Some providers will show a pending transaction, but most will just show a change in available balance that’ll magically correct itself a few days later.

Curve have to make sure they cover themselves for these open transactions, so they have to charge the underlying card, and they then refund the payment when the transaction expires a few days later.

Usually, it happens because of a fault in the retailer’s systems…

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