Google pay problem

Hello . I trying to connect my curve on google pay . To my friends connected successfully . But to me google pay say "Cant pay in stores on this phone " . I connected my revolut card successfully but curve not . I tryed with vpn and without vpn , i tryed with locked card and unlock .

Thanks for help .

Maybe becouse google pay not fully supported in Greece?

My friends downloaded apk and work’s fine with Greece address. But i tried with uk and greek address dont work . I say again my revolut works fine but curve not

Google pay is only for UK issues BINs as far as I’m aware

But my curve have uk bin . And my friends i say works fine (greece)

Check this screenshot from greek curve

My old Curve card (UK bin) worked flawlessly. My new investors card (still UK BIn) does not work :confused:

Your card number (BIN) should be 5375 9000 xxxx xxxx
If it isnt, then you wont be able to add it

I’m also Greek and I didnt have any issue adding the card couple weeks ago
(Μήπως βρήκανε το bug που άφηνε τις κάρτες να περνάνε και μπλοκαρανε το Google Pay)

(Δεν νομίζω . Γιατί όταν είχα ξαναπροσπαθήσει όταν και άλλοι μπορούσαν να την περάσουν κανονικά στο g pay) . Κάπου διάβασα οτι το κινητό δεν πρέπει να έχει μπει σε λειτουργία προγραμματιστή . Θα δοκιμάσω να κάνω ένα φορμάτ το κινητό πας και φτιάξει γιατί και άλλοι έτσι έφτιαξε .

I hope you know this forum. Greek forum about cards and also curve

Go ahead and ask there too

Finally i fix it . I close oem and format my phone :smiley:

I’ve gone through the curve on google pay apk, but the sms gt never comes?

Hi All,

I know it’s boring, but still solution to reinstall both apk for Pay & Curve.
Most cases, after some soft updates there are glitches in processing of data.

Greetings from Budapest!

It’s actually to remove (and then re-add) the card from Google Pay.
If you have a new investors card you need to remove both the old and the new card from Google Pay, before re-adding the new card.

Hi! I have one Xiaomi Mi9se, with have a same problem. On my old OnePlus 3 phone works Gpay with that same account.

Free Google Pay :slight_smile: I am using it all the time (UK) but my mum (PL) cannot use it neither in GPay or Samsung Pay. Curve is it really that much of a problem to allow all the BINs to be added to the wallets?

I had the same problem while traveling in Europe,I had to update android to the latest version to work