Google Pay stopped working

Is anyone else affected by this?

I’ve been using Curve for years now without any issues at all. I mostly use it for and with Google Pay.

Google temporarily suspended my account awaiting verification documents. They took a couple of weeks to eventually process this and approve my account.

Once my account got approved again, it removed all my registered cards. However, I’ve never been able to add my Curve card again. However, I can use it for general purchasing using the card directly still.

Once I agree to the issuers’ terms and conditions, it tells me an error occured and please contact your bank. (Screenshot provided)

I’ve contacted Curve support, which have told me that I’m apart of a small group of users that have been affected by this and they’re working on a fix. They’ve told me they cannot provide a timeframe.

I just wanted to know whether anyone else has this issue. I’m worried that a fix will never come.

You are not the only one, check the topic below.

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