Google Pay support

Dears, I would like to raise this topic as it is crucial for me. Members, please, support me if you are also intrested in this functionality.

@communitymember123 can you please tell us, what are your planes according to Google Pay support.

Thank you


See the roadmap, everything is addressed there

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Then we can vote there for options I mentioned above:

@Lucas thank you for letting me know. (y)

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Please create one thread for each suggestion @bllizard :slight_smile:

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Hi Marie, its done :slight_smile:

Thank you :smile::+1:

Btw - any updates on what’s happening with the roadmap will be posted in this thread: Curve’s Product Roadmap

I registered my curve card with gpay but the contactess registration failed?

This is currently in progress and is not yet live:

Any update about Google Pay?


We have no further updates to share about Google Pay at the moment. We have begun our integration work but there are number of third parties involved in the process, so we cannot yet give an accurate timeframe of when Google Pay will be available.

Allowing Curve to be added to Apple and Samsung Pay, as well as Google Pay are among are very top priorities.


Do you have intentions for gpay only to be supported for black/metal or will blue also get gpay support?
Just curious because of some various statements here.

Also Blue. Check here.

I hope so, Marie is only talking about apple pay.

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Trust me. Is the same for GooglePay!

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Hi, what about Curve integration in Google Pay?


Any news 2019 ?


We are currently working on making this happen :smiley: :+1:

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Where can we sign up to get a notification then it live?