Google Pay support


I know this has been brought up many a time though I have to ask again . When will you be able to use curve on Google pay ?

It is taking too long, so I applied another card which supports Apple Pay and Google Pay, and I found out that I have used Curve a lot less after that.

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Any update @Curve_Marie?

For me the list for uses of Curve gets smaller and smaller these days.
No Amex support,
No Google Play support,
Some credit card functionality removed.

These were all cool for the startup, now the amount of investment and time the company has had there really isn’t an excuse.

That and the amount of downtime for Curve. The whole ‘the only card you need’ philosophy is then basically void.


Pls give us Google Pay support!


We are working on enabling MDES, which is essential for setting up Google Pay. This is also a part of the Onboarding project.


Please add Google pay support fast.

I really would like to use curve card with Google pay. In the recent days i have switched more to using the underlying card connected to curve which supports Google pay. I don’t understand what’s so difficult about supporting Google pay.

Also i was saddened by the fact that Google pay’s list of supported banks for this month also didn’t contain curve.

I really would like to support curve as a platform since your idea is good. Just keep in mind that your customer base is young and technology oriented, if you don’t support the latest up-to-date tech they would migrate to some other platforms which do support it.


but if they already have their cards on their phone/watch makes Curve slightly less useful unless you want the extras and cashback? If your are not using the physical card.

Curve still great to add 1 card into apps thats dont support google pay
But for make payment in store, its more easy to simply to use your watch or phone

Yes good point about adding cards that dont have Apple/Google Pay support but at the moment Curve is one of those.
The list of banks and cards in quite broad to I imagine there would only be a small portion of people wanting this? Any cards you had in mind? (maybe pre-paid cards like ThinkMoney, DiPocket etc.)

Have a long list of supported currency
Not all are supported, but still many

For PayPal, eBay
Curve are nice. To have 1 card on these sites
And be able to move the payment if needed

For payment in store, restaurant, etc
Can you use what you prefer

Now that Samsung pay is out, are we expecting Google Pay anytime soon?


Wanna join the club?

You can use it wherever you see the contactless symbol or Google Pay mark.

Not working for me in France :frowning:

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Yea working for me in UK too. :+1:t4:

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And working in the Netherlands! :yum:
Able to add my Curve card (5375 9000) to GooglePay and able to pay with it with an underlying Dutch Creditcard that does not support GooglePay. Happy!!!

Although not officially launched yet so might stop working soon. :joy:

It doesn’t work on my side.
Are card different depend on the country it is used?
I am from Spain

Working in Norway :+1:

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It doesn’t work on my side.
Are card different depend on the country it is used?
I am from Spain

Do you have the same BIN (first 6 digits) as me ? Mine is 5539 63
I guess it depends on the BIN that you have on the card…