Google Pay verification SMS missing

O tried to setup my curve card to Google Pay.
I never got the verification sms.
I checked the phone details and it is correct. I then contacted help and they asked me for my phone number to make sure it was me.
After that complete silence. Never got a response back.
Does anyone have the same problem?

I found when I went to add my card to G Pay it only offered me the option of calling Curve (no SMS). I did so but it was out of hours so they took my details. Had a callback at 9am the next day, verified some details/updated my account and whilst I was on the phone they got me to try adding it again. This time I was offered the text option and it verified fine. Probably best you just call them and say you’re having an issue adding your card.

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I had the same problem. The phone number derails were correct in Curve app. Last 4 digits of my phone appeared in Google/Samsung Pay but I have never reeceived sms with verification code. Changed the phone number format in Curve app and it helped.

I mean, Estonia country code is +372, so during sign up process I entered my phone as +372 xxxxxxxx. I changed that in the app to +3 72xxxxxxxx leaving just +3 as a country code. Received immideately sms from Curve to confirm the new phone number. After that tried to add card to Samsung/Google Pay again and received sms with activation codes and everything worked well.


Had same problem here (Netherlands) ; first registered with mobile number in correct format (+31 6 5xxxxxx),got registration sms w/o problems. However, when registering in Gpay no sms.
Another thread has adviced to change number to the ‘Dutch’ format (+31 06 5xxxcx) - and that did the trick! Good luck.
Ed: first changed mobile number to my wife’s number (06 format), THAN changed it back to my own number again (06 format) in Curve; after that Gpay sms received w/o problems.

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Had the same issue. Wrote to support - they did something with my account, and the SMS started arriving.