Google Pay verification SMS missing

O tried to setup my curve card to Google Pay.
I never got the verification sms.
I checked the phone details and it is correct. I then contacted help and they asked me for my phone number to make sure it was me.
After that complete silence. Never got a response back.
Does anyone have the same problem?

I found when I went to add my card to G Pay it only offered me the option of calling Curve (no SMS). I did so but it was out of hours so they took my details. Had a callback at 9am the next day, verified some details/updated my account and whilst I was on the phone they got me to try adding it again. This time I was offered the text option and it verified fine. Probably best you just call them and say you’re having an issue adding your card.

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I had the same problem. The phone number derails were correct in Curve app. Last 4 digits of my phone appeared in Google/Samsung Pay but I have never reeceived sms with verification code. Changed the phone number format in Curve app and it helped.

I mean, Estonia country code is +372, so during sign up process I entered my phone as +372 xxxxxxxx. I changed that in the app to +3 72xxxxxxxx leaving just +3 as a country code. Received immideately sms from Curve to confirm the new phone number. After that tried to add card to Samsung/Google Pay again and received sms with activation codes and everything worked well.


Had same problem here (Netherlands) ; first registered with mobile number in correct format (+31 6 5xxxxxx),got registration sms w/o problems. However, when registering in Gpay no sms.
Another thread has adviced to change number to the ‘Dutch’ format (+31 06 5xxxcx) - and that did the trick! Good luck.
Ed: first changed mobile number to my wife’s number (06 format), THAN changed it back to my own number again (06 format) in Curve; after that Gpay sms received w/o problems.

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Had the same issue. Wrote to support - they did something with my account, and the SMS started arriving.

Hello, while trying to add my Curve card to Google Pay, I never received any validation code by SMS? I never received any SMS. Any idea? Thanks for advice and help.

Try it the next day - it helped me twice in the past… :sleeping::hugs:

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Thanks. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. I’ll wait for a support answer. Have a good day.

I found that setting the mobile number in the app to another number and then resetting back to the original number unblocked SMS verification for Google/Samsung Pay as per @European suggestion above.

Well, I’ll wait for the support. I hope they will see to that quickly …? It’s quite annoying.

@European’s suggestion was to change the format of the number, not the number itself :slight_smile:

Nevertheless both methods work as far as I know. I tried the format changing method few months back, and it worked well.

@flyingdad You can wait for the support, but it will take some time… With the above described method you can solve it instantly.

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Hello, the support answered very quickly. They fixed something and then it worked ok. I had tried before the different tips and tricks without success.

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OK, great to hear they answered quickly this time! Best would be if they would fix the issue once and for all. It is a very old bug.

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I’ve been trying to add my card to Google Pay in the UK - however the SMS verification messages aren’t being sent (phone number correct and checked and verified!) - I did receive a text this morning with a code from my attempts yesterday - only to be told the code could not be used to verify - assuming it has expired - the SMS messages need sending out in near real time this doesn’t seem to be happening - so how do we verify cards on Google Pay?

Solution is per european above only have +and 1 digit of country code in code box add the rest of any code to the number - sms sent at once then

I had the same trouble recently. None of the tips given here and there worked. Ask the support. In my case they fixed the ‘bug’ very quickly.

I couldn’t add my card so just called them using the number on the back of the card and they sorted it straight away.

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Support seem like a waste of space:

Thanks for contacting us and I’m so sorry you weren’t able to verify your Curve card in Google Pay.

We’re aware of a problem currently affecting Curve Cards and digital wallets like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and similar. Let me assure you that we’re actively investigating this issue and we’ll get back to you as soon as we have more information.

Again, we’re really sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you. Stay tuned for further updates and have a nice day.