Google Pay will not verify my card

Issue: (one-sentence summary)
Unable to verify stored card in google chrome / wallet

How to reproduce it:
Whenever I want to pay via chrome using verified card details I enter the cvv number and Google advises the card cannot be verified. This process works for a different card / provider.

Android phone / windows laptop
Chrome or chrome mobile

Galaxy S20 / HP laptop

App version:


Hi and welcome to the community :wave:t2:

Thx for reporting this. Since this looks like an issue that might be only affecting your own Curve account, in order to get it resolved quicker, it’s probably better if you report this to Curve support directly as well.
You can send an email to

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This is also happening to my Curve card this morning too.

Getting declines too. Seems that anything with online auth isn’t working.


Exact same problem here, first contactless payments stopped working for me in like, November/December, now i also have to put my card manually every time for every website, i Hope they’ll fix all the issues with gpay

This was happening to me for the last week or so but seems to be working again today - might be worth trying again?

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Looks to be working again as ediflyer has commented. Seemed to have been an issue for a couple of days but has now started working again. Amazing how reliant we become on this kind of functionality! Who wants to remember a card number?! :grin:

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Same for me here in France. It is impossible to use the Curve Card stored in Google Chrome. “Cette carte ne peut pas être vérifiée …”.
More generally speaking, my Curve card is often declined immediately when trying to pay online (on French sites apparently). Though it is 3D secure and though it has a French BIN.
Many bugs/drawbacks so … very very annoying. Will I continue to use a Curve card? Useless online at the moment (apart from Amazon where it works …).