Google Play services error

Whenever I open the Curve app I get a warning “Curve is having trouble with Google Play services…” and “This app won’t work properly unless you allow Google Play services to access Contacts, Phone, SMS.”
No other bank app is asking that (and I have many). Why Curve needs those permissions? I’m not giving Google access to contacts, phone and sms, why should I? This notification is annoying but the app seems to function properly. How can I remove it?

Thank you @hup I understand that everybody is excited to discuss the Wirecard issue. Sorry to divert attention and talk about a problem that has nothing to do with that. My problem has appeared a few weeks ago. I hoped it would go away with some update but it has not.

It’s not a requirement of the Curve app directly as far as I can see - mine is working fine with all but camera denied…

Sounds like it’s more you’ve denied Google Play Services access to those things though? Any other apps having issues? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

Google Play Services is a background service that helps your device and apps to interact with each other.

It should have all permissions.

@FlareCO Google Play Service, as all Google services, is only trying to spy on us and get as much as possible of our infos to feed their business. I’m in the process to “de-googling” my life including my phone. And no, as I already said, no other app (bank or anything else) is complaining about that. Only Curve. And I have denied ALL permissions to Google Play services.

If you’re trying to do that it might be better to use an Android phone that doesn’t use Google Play Services at all then? For example Huawei are now banned from using Google. So that way you could start with a phone that doesn’t have Google Play Services from the start?

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Nokia 6210 is perfect for you ;).

If you fear about your personal data you should use a phone that has no android/ios on it.

It depends, if you get a medium old huawei it still has Google Play services. On new Huawei phones Curve doesnt work becuase of no google play services installed.

I don’t think you get curve to work

And curve is not a bank

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In that case you’ll need a phone which comes with an independent OS, like the Librem 5 with PureOS.

And there will be no curve on that phone

Thanks for the suggestions but that is not the topic. Of course I can use something like an iPhone and get rid of Google completely. The topic here is that the Curve app is complaining about those Google services, while all other apps on my phone do NOT care about that.

So enable the google play service
Or live with it
Or goodbye curve
Or iPhone

I don’t see how you can fix it
Curve has desided they use the service on android

I don’t know how to set this thread as “Solved”. Anyway just in case someone else is caught with the same warning from the Curve app, you only need to go to phone settings /Apps /Notifications and uncheck “Google Play services availability”. I went there just to check if notifications were ON and I saw the option to remove those google services.

Now the annoying pop-ups have gone!

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Glad you got sorted. Have moved to help category so it could be marked as solved.