Got charged even the transaction by the merchant, help!

Hello all.
was trying to top-up my Revolut via Curve Apple Pay. Eventually, I was informed my original bank credit card couldn’t work with Revolut via Apple Pay. The transaction was declined immediately but Curve still charged me anyway. Even my Apple Pay showed the transaction was declined as well. How come Curve app still shows it’s a successful transaction!

Has anyone faced the same issues before? (Hope the CS team would reply my ticket asap)

I’d recommend to wait few days. :sleeping: Curve charges your underlying card to be sure there’s enough money before it confirms the transaction to the merchant and if the payment then gets declined, the original charge from Curve should be refunded, which might take some days to appear on your card statement.

But it can of course be a wrong charge, too… :man_shrugging:

Got it. Eventually, i received confirmation from the CS team that the transaction was declined. Seems like I will receive the reversion within a few days.

As it’s still Black Friday discount in some online stores. I was trying to buy something from H&M. The transaction was declined TWICE and now I am waiting for the money to be reversed! This is unbelievable. Should I consider cancel my metal subscription? The cashback bug is just so problematic.