Got double charged with Go Back In Time

Anyone tried go back in time failed and both card (original card and the transferred card) got charged for the same transaction? Tried contacting customer service but no reply for few days. Thanks

Hey @Comax,

this doesn’t sound good.
When exactly did you message the customer support?

Did the charges on your card went from the authorized (pending) state to the charged state?
If they are still in the authorized state they will disappear within 14 bank working days.

I know it’s a pre-auth, but pretty annoying as I’m using debit cards and money were deducted even when it’s in pre-auth state. Not sure why it that happened.

Looks like I couldn’t use the Go Back In Time at all, keeps popping up error and new card got charged.

Hi there! Welcome to the Community :partying_face: To get a better picture of what’s happened here, could you get in touch with our lovely support team by creating a ticket in-app or by emailing They’ll be able to look into this further for you!

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