Grandfather or Metal?

Looking for people in a similar position to myself and what your opinions are.
I am a very early curve adopter and have 3% rewards on my black card.
I am self employed and paying HMRC with curve via AMEX is very appealing and will probably become my go to churn for 2 x 241 BA now.
Options are:

  1. stay as I am on the grandfathered card, but this will have no free Amex use (annoying as I took the curve card out for this purpose initially) spend 2 x £10000 @0.65% is £130.
  2. move onto new black and get the free £1000pm but in reality in a churn cycle this would only mean £4000 free top up dec/jan and jun/jul plus £10pm for 8 months (then 12) is £184 (then £224). The insurance etc is of little use. 3% rewards maybe lost.
  3. upgrade to curve metal, rather than just the 2 x £10000 for the 241 vouchers pay all of HMRC bill of around £50000pa with curve via amex fee free. £15pm for 8 months (then 12) is £120 (then £150 annual). Again insurance etc not needed. Old benefits maybe lost.

I am leaning towards upgrading to the metal card. But wanted others opinions. I don’t want to upgrade and then wish I hadn’t and not be allowed back onto my grandfathered benefits after all this time.

I think that’s the key point - once you go Metal they’ve said you’re not allowed to go back to grandfathered. If the other benefits don’t have any value for you then you’re probably better sticking with the old Black. Surely you wouldn’t be putting all your Amex spend through via Curve anyway given how many retailers take it? (I know you’re saying to pay HMRC, but couldn’t some of that go onto other cards via Curve??)

Yeah it could. I have the old HH card as my fall back on curve. Which still gets a respectable 2HH/£
Think I will sit tight for a week and see if there are any further developments.

How much are you making on the 3% rewards?

Not much really I guess.

I think if you were making lots, you could just treat that as Amex topup charge funds, so Curve would at least be cost neutral.

But yes, it’s such a limited selection of retailers, I don’t make anything out of it either really.

There is also the opportunity cost i believe. So the benefits u get isnt actually 2x241 BA. If you put it on your other cards such as your 2HH/£, your left we not much actual increase in benefits. Thus, you are paying all the subscription for that smaller amount of benefit.

Anyhow, Is there a member of the family that does not have curve yet? Maybe you could let them subscribe to metal and pay your hmrc bills that way. Thus being able to keep your grandfathered’ card.

Which makes me wonder, if you will be able to load a curve card on the curve app. Thus, you would load the grandfathered curve card on the metal curve app.

The limitation here is that 1 particular card cannot be registered under more than 1 particular Curve account. If both me and my wife had Curve accounts, we can’t both add the same card.

A work around for Amex of course is using supplementary cards.

I highly doubt you could add a Curve card to different Curve account. Curve will recognise and decline based on BIN number most likely.

What retailers? Mine was good as it was tesco and sainsburys etc… but its stopped now. So will go back to cash now

This is my first post. Long time Curve user but new to forums.

If you’ve the “grey” (old black or grandfathered black) card or new “black” or “blue”, you won’t hit the £9.99 subscription mark unless you spend more than £1536. If you are adding £1000pm, based on 0.65% you are paying £6.5. Subscription model not worth (if insurance not a concern) if Amex use is less than £1536.

Top tier if more than Amex more than £2306.

That’s oversimplifying :grinning:


To me there is no way Metal brings anything to the table to justify a sub, in fact I would have dropped down to blue if we hadn’t been grandfathered. The use case with HMRC is marginal, and you might regret the upgrade for a short-term return.

I’ve been thinking about the whole situation a lot. And it’s a real shame us ‘grandfathered’ users can’t get an opportunity to try metal without losing out on the ‘legacy’ black card.

I’d love to try the metal tiers for £14.99 then 4 months free, then be able to drop down to grandfathered ‘Legacy Black’ tier if I decide it’s not for me.

@curve_tobias @Curve_Marie @Curve_Alejandro Would be really appreciated by us if we could do this, and you may even make money in the long run as I’m sure one or two people might be convinced to stay on metal :wink:

Hi Dan, it’s a perfectly understandable position. There are some reasons why we will not be allowing that:

  • Curve Metal, due to its expensive card issuing, needs to have a minimum of 6 months subscription - which means that with your 4 months free you’d need to pay at least 2 months before you could downgrade to Blue or Black (in which case the Metal card would be locked).
  • We are offering the Legacy Black option to those current Black customers who do not actively choose another tier. Once you choose (in this case, Curve Metal) you lose the right to be grandfathered.

Hope this helps.


How will really look the "New black card " ? ( i’m talking about the plastic one).
Similar to my current Black ? Marie said that the MC logo stays coloured, and not Silver.
( silver is only for the metal one, it seems).
thanx a lot !

For now no changes. And the Mastercard logo on Curve Black will be the colour one (as said correctly somewhere else, the silver one is reserved for World Elite cards such as Curve Metal).

I apologize for the missing “Hello” into my post :slight_smile:
ok, thanx for the answer.
I’m just awaiting now the coming times for us in France… New black and after that, Metal one.
Good job guys.

another thing to consider is curve card/mastercard allow max spending of 50k per 365days? that’s if they have upgraded you to the enhanced limits even.

I’d be more than happy to pay that to try metal if I had the option to drop back down to ‘legacy black’. But I understand the decision.