Great service from Curve

Just wanted to feed back publicly on the great service provided by Curve under their Curve Customer Protection policy.

Short version - booked a room with a prepaid breakfast at Travelodge pre-Covid using my Curve card. Stay went ahead but breakfast was not available due to ongoing closure of restaurant even though hotel open.

Travelodge policy seemed suspiciously aimed at making recovering the funds as difficult as possible. Customers had to claim via the website (no refunds available via POS in hotel), after filling online form no acknowledgement or further updates despite multiple chasing. One would expect that the company could either contact and refund customers proactively, or simply administer the refund in the hotel.

Thanks for Curve I now have these funds recovered. I am grateful for the great service offered by the Disputes Team.


I second this with another success story.

Bought a kitchen product online, turned out to be a con. Contacted Curve and they asked for 3 things that were easy to provide:

  1. What happened.

  2. Proof of purchase and proof that had tried to resolve the issue with the vendor (easily done, receipt and a copy of an email I had send that had not been replied to).

  3. Anything else to support case.

Got a response within an hour saying they’d just credited the transaction as a GOGW as Curve Cash rather than raise a dispute to save time (I imagine this is because it was low value (about £19) and my first claim).

Overall was impressed.