Grey/white screen after sign in, Android, v2.73

Issue: Grey/white screen after sign in

How to reproduce it: Sign in with email or with Google

OS: Android 11

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

App version: 2.73


I removed my expired card from the Curve app and wanted to add renewed card there.
But after I removed the card I can’t sign in to the App. After signing in the App’s screen becomes grey, if I tap on the screen it becomes white.
I reinstalled the App some times, I cleaned the App’s cache, it did not help.
I wrote messages to the Curve support on 29/06/21, on 01/07/21 I sent them a video with this bug, but the problem is not resolved.

Upgraded to 2.74.
The problem still exists.
I tried to install the application on another Android phone, the result is the same.

I can’t use the Curve app and Curve card for a whole month.

I’m using 2.72.1 to avoid similar problems. No hurry to update.

Upgraded to 2.75.2 Beta.
The problem still exists. For me it is clear that the problem is with my account, not with the app.

The Curve support does not help.
They are so arrogant that they wrote to me yesterday:

Just to manage your expectations, we don’t have a set timeframe to resolve this for you at the moment.

I am waiting for one month for the problem resolving.

Have you tried calling the number on the back of your card and speaking to them? Certainly not being able to use your account at all due to this is a pretty major issue!

@ediflyer I have not physical card, only virtual card in the app.