Guernsey, Jersey - Channel Islands

Hi Guys,

I have had a Curve Metal card for about a year now - I absolutely love it. Last weekend, I was buying some flights online ,and had the payment declined - fraud check - so no biggie to resolve.

I just had an email from Curve stating that they can no longer issue cards to Channel Islands residents, stating this is due to the Channel Islands not being within the EEA - although we are in the EU Customs Union - and now my card has been deactivated :frowning:

This is really disappointing, and I am wondering if Curve are working to resolve this? I have a Revolut, Monzo and Starling card, and they have all managed to work around this EEA restriction.

Look forward to a response :slight_smile:

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Good luck waiting for a response on this one…
I’m based in Jersey and had a beta Curve card for over 14 months - and loved it! Then, my account got closed because of this issue about a year ago now.

We’ve had a number of threads open trying to find out when Curve might look to work with us (Crown dependencies) but to be honest I think i’ve sadly lost faith in the support team :frowning_face:

Check out this thread:

Fingers crossed someone might pick up on this and give us some timescale, although as a FinTech product I think they have missed the boat now, especially when compared with Monzo, Revolut and Starling.

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Well I guess if you take a look at the other thread i’ve linked here that answers the question!

Rather than Curve support being helpful and answering the questions, they have simply closed the thread!

Very poor customer service… Think I may have finally lost the desire to follow this now… Shame as it had so much potential…

@iom @NFH @owenc As you had an interest on the previous post I thought i’d tag you in on this one so you can now follow here…


any news about this ?

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So where are you on bringing Curve back to the Channel Islands, IoM and crown dependencies???