Had to resort to chargeback for curve metal subscription fees taken 3 weeks after cancellation request

It’s quite sad really - I joined curve in 2017 and absolutely LOVED the idea and concept. I upgraded my grandfathered blue card to metal at the start of the year, decided it wasn’t for me and asked for a downgrade in middle of july before my subscription renewed start of august.

What a shockingly poor customer service experience - no response. I reached out via twitter who had an agent half assed ask me if I wanted to downgrade in the curve chat against the ticket, I said yes from xx date. Never heard back. Was charged. Complained about the charge but no response. Finally resorted to a chargeback after 7 days of waiting for a ticket reply.

What’s even more frustrating is I’ve lost my grandfathered status - when I go back to blue I’m restricted by the same crap as everyone else.

Sadly I see this card going into the miscellaneous drawer in case I find a use case for it in the future. It was a great ride while it lasted!

When you leave a grandfathered plan, you lose it. That either should have been obvious to youself or and the customer service agent should have warned you that you would lose your grandfathered status.

That I’m afraid isn’t something to complain about as that should have been known by yourself, as no company is going to let you leave a grandfathered plan only to jump back to it after you’ve moved from it.

I can absolutely see that that on top of everything else the above would be a incredibly frustrating experience.

I apologise for any inconvenience that caused.


Ah yeah - I’m not blaming anyone about the grandfather status loss, that’s an expected outcome. Just adds salt to the wound

In my defense though I wasn’t expecting curve to destroy their free tier months after I switched…

It’s such a move from being on the verge of investing when the investor round opened, but I opted against it back then after deep consideration. Retrospectively - so so glad I didnt waste that capital!

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I completely understand.

Lol yeah neither was anybody else, us moderators included. We learnt about it the same time you all did.

I hear you. :slightly_smiling_face: