Hamburger Menu missing?

Hey I just installed the app and read everywhere that there’s a hamburger menu on the top left, but I don’t see any menu. I only got the profile icon (shown on image)

So it’s impossible for me to go to settings I see on people screenshots. Even the swipe from left to right to display the menu (which exists in most mobile apps) doesn’t do anything. Can someone please look into it?

My config
Android 9.0.9 OnePlus 6
App version 2.12.7

The settings you are looking for are now under that profile icon. If not, which specific setting are you looking for?
I also (though I am on Beta) don’t have the hamburger menu anymore, so not a bug.

" To check what your current limits are, go to the Curve app and follow these instructions:

  • Android : Tap the ‘hamburger’ menu at the top left and choosing “Curve Limits”…"

Not only that but as I was reading the ‘help’ section I saw lots of articles mentioning the burger menu… so it’s very confusing

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Limits are now on the Card tab (Curve Card Limits).

Help pages could use an update (to put it mildly), since there is no hamburger menu anymore.

I came here thinking Curve were offering out burgers…