Has anyone made either a travel or gadget cover claim yet?

I’m keen to hear about people’s experiences with this service it was used, and how they found the claims process.
Did anyone discover that they weren’t covered for something they expected would be, or were offered less financial cover than the item?
If anyone did claim and it worked smoothly, how fast did the claim get resolved?
Perhaps you have something positive to say when you realised the cover was there and used it?


I’m a metal user

I made use of the gadget cover after losing my phone. It was actually an easy process. Gave them a call, took all the details, asked me to send a few documents as proof of ownership. Claim was approved in less than 24h and the money was in my designated account soon after.

The only issue to be honest was the
Coverage of £800. All phones are worth more than this nowadays :frowning:

I made this claim around 9 months ago and I’m not sure if things have changed since then.


What kind of documents?

I was asked to send the documents below on 11/02/19:

1.Proof of ownership (invoice from retailer)
2.Police report of loss
3.mobile cost replacement option (I was asked to find the cost of a replacement, in this case I just sent the same phone found on Amazon)

On the 12/02/19 they sent me an acceptance of the claim stating the value I would get back minus the £50 excess.

I was quite pleased with it

I noticed they are the same people handling Amex insurance claims too


Thats pretty promising to hear - I’ve not heard many good things about Axa underwrited claims process.
How did they provide the credit? By BACS?

Indeed positive. I was also quite pleased as I didn’t expect much :slight_smile:

On that first call where I raised the claim they asked me for my preferred bank account. (UK sort code & account number in my case)

I mistakenly missed 1 number of my account number so the payment was failing once they were paying out.

They contacted me and were on top of it until I actually received the payment.

Long story short:

Positive experience.
VERY low coverage/limit (£800-£50excess=£750)

Ahh yes thats a good point - I’m not sure then if you had a laptop that was £1200 for example (most good new business & design models usually are at least this) - would they offer cover up to £800 towards a replacement unit, or just not cover it at all?

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What if the user doesn’t have the invoice anymore? I wonder what could be considered a proof of ownership. Would the box of the phone with it’s IMEI be enough? Perhaps a picture of the phone? A screenshot of the settings with the IMEI?

They will give you the max (750) and that’s it. You decide what to do with it. That’s at least how it was with my phone

Well. Insurance companies tend to be very very strict with this (I’ve dealt with a few in the past)

AXA asked for an invoice which had my name and IMEI.

When you do the claim they will ask you for the documents and you will be able to explain your case. But to be honest insurance companies only accept invoices/receipts and sometimes shipping confirmations in case you bought it online.

But again, AXA are the ones who can confirm, I’m only sharing my experience overall :slight_smile:

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My Samsung tablet fell off the table and the screen smashed. It wasn’t worth much as it was a few years old. Called the gadget insurance and they asked for proof of purchase and a quote to repair the tablet. I sent a e reciept from the purchase and went online to search for a fixed price repair and took a screenshot. Sent both via email and they paid me a couple of hundred within a day or so. Very easy indeed.


How does that work for all the retailers that don’t provide this?

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You’ll need to provide something that satisfies AXA’s T&C. Only the advisor will be able to tell you :slight_smile:

Have you got a copy of these T&C? That requirement would seem to me to be firmly a breach of Unfair Terms Act. I bought my phone brand new from a well-known reputable online retailer and didn’t get that. Other Gumtree and ebay purchases would be even harder.

The criteria is not on the terms and conditions curved shared with us (on your email search AXA Metal curve). I think only a case handler will give you proper details.

I just found the below:

“3. You must provide an original receipt or proof of ownership for items to help to substantiate your claim.”

But to he honest, based on my experience, I feel AXA will give you options in what you can provide. In my case they asked for a receipt with imei and I was able to provide it. Case was handled very quickly and hassle free.

If I didn’t have the receipt iI feel they would probably guide me on where to find a “valid” proof of ownership.

With other insurers my story has always been really really different, unpleasant and frustrating. With AXA it was much better :slight_smile:

I do recommend you to give them a ring, they surely would help and let you know if in a hypothetical case your docs would be valid


Under T&Cs they’ve listed the below documents. Seems the phone is only covered during a trip due to the fact they ask for travel tickets and tags. Is this correct or the actual coverage is not really related only to a trip?

• A police report from the local Police in the country where the incident occurred for all loss, theft or attempted theft.
• Written evidence from your network provider showing the phone number has been blocked.
• All travel tickets and tags for submission.
• An original receipt or proof of ownership for the lost, stolen or damaged mobile phone.
• A repair report where applicable.