Has automatic email copy of transactions feature been removed?

Since I started using Curve a few years ago, I’ve set things so that for every transaction for every card I use, I get an email copy of the transaction automatically without having to request it.

This seems to have stopped recently.

Can’t find a setting in the app anywhere to enable this again.

Has this feature been dropped? Was there an announcement?

I used this for my own personal accounting purposes, having written some code to check those emails and update my own records.


:point_right: Curve Status

Investigating - We are currently investigating an issue that may be causing delays that could affect transaction timeline display, notifications and rewards in Curve mobile application. Also, receipts emails can be delayed.

Appreciate the update.

For avoidance of doubt, I can no longer see and select a send an email copy of every transaction. This used to be an option for each card added to the app, and the default setting was not to send emails.

Last automated email I received was 17 October.

(The feature to request an email of the details of any specific transaction to be sent is still available when you select a transaction.)

EDIT: The feature is available again - it was the ability to tap a card / cog below card and selecting features (such as nicname, image, etc) that was missing and made it impossible to reach the toggle to turn on/off the feature I mentioned.

Please contact to Curve :selfie:
Curve Help Centre (kustomer.help)

(This is only Curve community forum)

Did you post that with a straight face? :grinning:

I haven’t:

  • been able to raise any questions on the Curve app for over a month because of an open issue that hasn’t been responded to
  • received any responses to help forms I submitted online
  • seen a response to tweets I’ve made to the @AskCurve and @imaginecurve accounts

I appreciate that I am not alone in experiencing service challenges for the company as it seeks a way to profit during these difficult times and following the redundancies that took place.


Hi Kyber,

I have the same issue as you re no email being received. This started with the technical issues reported last week. As curve mentioned a few posts up there still seems to be an issue. Ironically the status page says it’s resolved, but clearly not. I have to manually request the receipt from each transaction at the moment.
Also the toggle was moved quite sometime ago to the individual card settings as you discovered. At least this is the case for the Android app.

Hope the email receipt notifications are fixed soon. The other in app and push messages seems fixed for me at least.

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I am seeing the same issue with no email copies of transactions.

It’s never worked for me, despite raising an issue with customer services several times

Me too, no email notifications for last 10 days!

Just checked that the option is there and found it turned off! I did not do that, must be Curve!

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I can’t even find the option. Is it in the curve app? I can see the option for app notifications but no for email notifications.

If you select the name of your card (under the image) the option is (should be) there.

However just checked mine and again it has been toggled off (not by me). Something being done by Curve I supect!

Just double checked … and see that after selecting “Close” and viewing again it has not remembered my selection and it has been toggled off, again!

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Thank you so much. Found it, and it was indeed turned off, and I had not turned it off.

Turned back on, will see if I get notifications again.

Might be an idea to double check that your selection has indeed been saved! Mine was checked “Off” again, so was not saved as “On”!

I’ve checked mine. Still enabled on every card.

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You are right, it keeps going back to off.
Wonder if they made it a premium feature, or just broke something.

I think they broke something BIG! This lack of email confirmation has been happening since 17 October!
There now seems to be something bigger happening in that when trying to reinstall the Curve app users are unable to enter Passcode to login.
Happening since October 19th - Is this a coincidence, or something bigger happening behind the scenes at Curve?
Have even tried going to the Curve web site where (they say) you can download a link and scan a QR Code - but no QR Code showing!! Go figure!

So no Curve app on my iPhone now!

Thank you for the amazing feedback, I have raised these issues with the team, the toggle one has been already identified and will be fixed as soon as possible.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

With iOS ver 3.65.0 of the Curve app the Send Email Receipts toggle is staying on. but no receipts forthcoming…

I think there are 2 separate issues

  • The toggle issue which which should be fixed on the next update (this does not occur for everyone)
  • The email service is a separate issue and I have raised this with the appropriate team as well.

same issue no email from 17/10 i found many days ago switch to off (not by me) but no change, still no email confirmation.