Have I just thrown away Curve Black?

Just been accepted into the beta.

However, having done so I have read the terms and conditions. A bit late, I know!

It states that my Curve Black, that I paid £50 for will be downgraded to blue unless I subscribe. I’ve also received an email about insurance that I wasn’t aware that I was joining.

I guess I have made a big mistake and clearly not read one of the previous emails properly.

Can’t say I am too happy, but I guess that is it…

If it was going to be any different the terms sent out today would have said it. They are sadly very clear.

I thought supercard was bad, but now Curve is going down the same path…

Hi, don’t worry. All Curve Black cardholders will have the possibility of returning to what we call Legacy Black after a trial period.


Can you please confirm the following:

  • Beta (Subscription) Black can revert back to Legacy Black.
  • Beta Metal can revert back to Legacy Black.
    Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, we will allow reversal to Legacy Black if you haven’t actively moved to some other tier. Hence if you get Curve Metal, you will not be able to go back to Legacy Black, only to the new Black benefits (after the minimum 6 months).

Hope this helps!

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Question answered and policy confirmed.