Have not received physical Curve card

Hello, I would like to know where I should write or what should I do if I have not received the physical Curve card

Hey there,

What does it say on your account tab in the curve app? Is the shipped circle already marked?

If yes, contact the customer support via email support@curve.app or using the in-app ticket system.

Thank you

Hi budy,

I can’t find the shipped circle in my android phone. My app version is 2.65.1

Thanks in advance

Could you take a screenshot and share it here?
Make sure to whiteout all sensetive information.

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This is the image.

Hello @rosaanay11.jc,

It does not show you the shipping date, because you clicked on “activate new card”

Hi Mattia,
What do you recommend me to do?

How many days have passed since you have ordered the physical card? And in which country do you live?

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Delivery time depends on where your Curve is being shipped to:

UK: 5-7 working days
EEA: 7-14 working days

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Hi poeliev,
I’m living in Sofia, Bulgaria. I created the account at the end of Febraury AFAIK the card is ordered when you create the account. Am I right?

That’s correct.

So best to:

And keep your card locked for the time being as can be read here.

If you do this by mistake, please lock your card in-app by selecting the “Card” tab, then the “Lock Card” button.

Thanks all of you.

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