Haven't been able to open tickets or view help in app for a week

Still keep getting the same error messages:

“Failed to get articles”

I need to use the app to send messages, when will this be fixed?

You can also send them an email (support@curve.app) or contact them on Twitter (@askcurve).

Don’t hold your breath, it’s a known issue and it is already like this for a couple of months.

Support articles can be found here:

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I said “I need to use the app to send messages” because that’s true. I’m aware of the three email addresses but I need to use the app.

Please explain why you MUST use the app to send them a message.
Messages sent through the app and emails go to the exact same inbox.

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I don’t really see why I need to say any more other than that is the case, you but it’s quite simple. I only give companies receive-only email addresses so I can easily track who is responsible for spamming me.

Curve security have misunderstood data protection regulations and will not respond to my emails even if I verify my sending email address with an authentication code and even if they always send securely to my registered email address. It’s bemusing why as there is no good reasoning for this but it’s the case.

Previously they have had no issue with this but now they are suddenly saying it’s a problem despite not being able to give a single good reason.

Previously I could use the app tickets but it seems they (again for no good reason) have no interest in fixing this.

I can’t even change my email as there’s no way to do that without contacting support.

You are not obliged to tell me anything, but as this is a user community (and not a Curve staff or a Curve customer support community), it can be handy if one tells the underlying reasons to make the chance bigger, that other Curve users may be able to help you.

So, thx for the explanation. Fair enough.

I would have formulated this:


I would have said:

“I want to use the app to send messages”


“I don’t want to use my email address to send them messages”.

As I explained, there is presently no workaround available to me. What I said is accurate.

I guess all depends on the used definition of the word “need”. :wink:

Have you considered (calling them and) asking them to call you back at your registered number?

Yep, in-app help doesn’t work so I suppose your only option is to phone them. You could also perhaps switch to a different unique email address that you can send from (e.g. a spare Gmail one) and ask them to change your account to that for future queries?

As I’ve already mentioned, I cannot change the email address as that requires contacting support outside the app.

I am literally unable to contact them any way other than phone it seems.

Please explain how.

Phone them, ask them to call you back at the phone number you have registered with them (so they are sure it is you and not someone else calling them whilst spoofing your phone number) and ask them to change your email address.

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That’s why I was suggesting you phone them to ask them to change the email address :wink:

Worth trying @anon81486341’s suggestion of doing it as a transaction query rather than from the messaging option in the app too.

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I’ve tried the three methods that immediately came to mind. Support, limits and transaction query. All have exactly the same error.

Can I ask if this is an android only issue?

I am on Android and it’s working for me. I assumed you were using iOS.

I’m on android and those three in app methods don’t work (hup’s one was the first I thought of when regular support didn’t work).

So it appears not to affect all users?

Looks like it. Working for me on Android. Not sure which OS @anon81486341 is on.

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Weird I’m also on android 10 with latest app version.

Yeah of course, multiple isps multiple sims as well as vpns.

Hello @jph I have exactly the same issue as you. I’m also on the latest Android OS. It is a strange issue as my husband has the same make of phone, same OS and his works fine.

I’ve asked support about this issue via email and have had no response.

I hope there is a resolution soon.