Haven't recieved curve card - wrong estimated delivery date

I ordered my Curve Card on September 6 and fee was taken from my account and paid, but app is showing me that esimated delivery is…11 July. I feel like i’ve been scamed at this point.

I tried to reach to the support but after 6 days there’s still no reply both on e-mails and in curve app and twitter. I really don’t know what I should do now.

I hope they dont mean 11 July 2023.

I’m really hoping so but I’m just quite dissapointed since they took my money and now support is quiet…

@makssand Is it your first card with Curve or previous one expired?

It’s my first card.

Cannot remember how long it was for me, maybe week. I hope you will get it.

The problem is i haven’t got any confirmation e-mail or anything, no info at all. It just immidately got into ordered and shipped status with wrong delivery date.
I live in the EU so on their site they said it’s gonna be 5 or so days, but at the same time after voicing my concerns to support one every available platform, I have no reply at all.

Last time (quite recently) I contacted support (via e-mail) they replied me after ~1 week.

Yeah it seems to be pretty slow.
I’ll see how the situation develops, still hoping to hear from the support …or just get my card properly.

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