Having 2 physical cards same time in one account?

Can I request 2 physical cards in one Curve account? The idea is to use both cards in the family at the same time (just like banks can issue 2 physical cards connected with one bank account). I check the community and help but did not find answer of that. I understand that this will be at extra cost (like banks offer the service).

Before replying with usage of physical and virtual card in the phone with Apple Pay or G Pay I wish to clarify that in our country there are lot of outdated POS terminals that don’t work properly with Apple Pay / G Pay and accept physical cards.

It’s not possible to have more than one active Curve card linked to the same Curve account.
If you want to have a Curve card for a family member they could create a Curve account themselves.
There are several ideas created in this community you can vote for that make possible what you are looking for e.g.:

Thanks for the fast reply. I vote for Feature for a Joint Curve account because that was what I really need. Hopefully the feature will come out soon.

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